Music, Media and Arts Management

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Freelance Music Manager, Entrepreneur and Consultant

Currently working in a voluntary basis in my own time as a Music Manager and Consultant to a number of various unsigned bands and solo artists.

I work as a collaborative partner in the ongoing career development of solo artists and musical groups, both in Morocco and Europe, however I did work with artists from other countries such as US, Canada and Turkey. 

I organize and confirm show dates and tours, liaise with record companies and production houses, assist with studio planning, liaison with companies and NGO's through branding and promotion and, to a certain extent, also function as a lifestyle coach for the artist.

Artists working in the music industry are subject to pressures 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is my role to support them both personally and professionally, contributing to their positivity and creativity, and realising value in their personal brand as a musical performer.

We are currently in the concept development of a Music, Media and Arts Management company in Morocco which will be focused on Artist Management and Branding. The company will be a Liaison between the artist and companies or NGOs sharing a similar cause or world view. This will be implemented through strategic branding and media collaboration. (More information about this project will be sent to interested arts professionals) Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a partnership or simply if you're drawn to share some ideas.



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