5th Oriental Music-Summeracademy

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Mercredi, 1 Avril, 2015 - 16:25

5th oriental music-summeracademy 3. - 6. Sept 2015
The teachers list is complete. It was added a masterclass with Said Chraibi, Casablanca and a group with Violin & Djoze.

Said Chraibi, Casablanca -- Aoud with a 1 day masterclass
Mustafa Said, Cairo / Beirut -- Aoud for beginners
Saif Al Khayyat, Baghdad / Trier -- Aoud advanced
Feras Hasan, Damascus / Belgium -- Percussion, Riqq
Nora Thiele, Berlin -- Percussion
Naziha Azzouz, Algeria / Lyon -- Voice
Mohammad Fityan, Damascus / Berlin - Nay
Salah Eddin Maraqa, Jordan / Münster -- Kanun
Bassem Hawar, Baghdad / Köln -- Violine / Djoze

Visit http://www.oriental-music-summeracademy.de/…/academy_2015.p… for more informations
You are welcome to join the summeracademy 2015
Matthias Wagner

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