How to rip DVDs in Windows 10 and Mac OS X

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How to rip DVDs in Windows 10 and Mac OS X

Helping you to make a backup of your data on your hard drive on your DVDs? These DVD rippers are programs designed to get you through the process of copying files on your hard drive on plastiv discs.

The price range for these programs vary: from free to almost 100 dollars. Sometimes extra plugins and programs coming with them make them more expensive. And often the price is just the result of the brand of the compnay or an arbitrary number.

So not all free ripping programs are better. In times, they are full of bugs but sometimes they work with no problem. Just make sure the speed and quality of wrting a DVD is what you need. Research in the internet and see what DVD formats are the devices you want to play the DVD on are supporing.

Maybe you want to open them on a Blu-ray player. See if the device is compatible with these DVDs as well.